About Us

With MIT change your Life

Mediterranean University of Tunisia (MIT) was founded in 2004 co-operatively with a euro-Mediterranean network for education and research specialized in Information systems, Financial economics and management, which allowed it to be broadly known.

It resides in a network that comprises public and private European, north-American and Tunisian universities. It delivers a Tunisian diploma for its graduate students and can also deliver an equivalent European one for those who want to have it so that they would fully enjoy the privileges of a European diploma (from a public European university) and the dynamism of European universities.

The Mediterranean University delivers state approved diplomas for levels starting from undergraduates up to postgraduates, which made of it the first university to do so in Tunisia. Its diploma, which is immediately operational, complies with the demands of companies, banks, institutions and administrations of Mediterranean regions.

Having finished his or her three-year general training in the essentials of management, computer sciences, business and new technologies, the student can specialize in international affairs, marketing, entrepreneurship, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), finance audit, management monitoring, public accounting, risk management, …

The university offers coaching and support to all the students individually during the academic years which have an important role in shaping the professional and academic life of the student as it offers both hard and soft skills competencies alongside with a personal development.

Therefore, the academic programs offered by the Mediterranean University ; MIT, allow everyone to achieve his or her career expectations and aspirations.

Our values

“Contribute to the democratization of education in Africa, and making education accessible to all in Africa”

“It provides a wider specialization, professionalization and internationalization with certifications for each academic career, a double-degree program, and training and students placement in Tunisia and abroad”.