Social responsibility

Livret Acceuil Etudiants

Social Responsibility & Scholarship MIT Polytech : Mediterranean Institute of Tunisia, MIT

1st International Smart University in Africa

Mediterranean Institute of Tunisia, MITPolytech, MITTunis et MITNabeul

Académie de l'Entrepreneuriat: Smart applications et Sucess Stories

Smart E-Learning and Free Certification (on site; distance and work-study in Africa), School of Engineering, Management, ICT and Smart Engineering applications; Innovations Project, Technologies; Strategic Challenges

The democratization of access to information and knowledge: Social life, culture, access to knowledge and loyal support to our graduates and future citizens.

SMART access to studies for all, social life, culture, retention of graduates and citizens of tomorrow

The recent reforms for collectivity and clubs, which are of a considerable importance in growing the institutions economically, socially and culturally, have strengthened the ties between the members of the Mediterranean University of Tunisia; MIT

Social responsibility covers needs, social life and culture.

The opening of its restaurants for free and its homes for free during the period of COVID19 and the month of Ramadhan.

SMART access to higher education and retention of graduates are issues that enhance the service role of universities.

The democratization of access to knowledge is at the heart of these new forms of regulation and digital technologies between African, European, National and local levels.

Our SMART Universities train students, employees; executives, business creators, but also the SMART citizens of tomorrow.

Nos actions sociales portent aussi sur l’aide à l’éducation, au logement et a la restauration, et

The “Learn to change the World” & Equal opportunities program

Notre programme « Learn to change the World » & Égalité des chances comporte

- Raising awareness and visiting young high school students

- Free on-site, alternate and remote reinforcement courses on our platforms

Free bac revisions, Allo Bac, high school visits, Platform for Bac and Prépa

Cultural and professional openness (visit to head offices, granting of summer jobs and housing, cultural and sporting activities, Restaurant du Cœur, etc.).

Sponsorship days, “Innovation Day”; integration days, open days, Challenges, SUCCESS STORY

Half-year follow-up, cultural mediation actions, clubs, etc.

International exchange within the framework of the ERASMUS program, “Inspiration Economy”

Four Scholarships and Housing

- Excellence scholarships for students: granted by our UM Foundation to Majors or in partnership with Embassies; REMEREG and others).

- Social scholarship covering up to 100%: for 2019-2020, + 10 young people benefited from a scholarship covering 100% of tuition fees Conventional scholarships for employees and families of company employees : granted to employees registered under an agreement with their companies.

- Housing grants in Nabeul and Tunis under conditions.

Bourse de logement gratuit pour 100 nouveaux étudiants ayant plus de 15 de moyenne sous conditions.

Accommodation is provided on the basis of a written request and the submission of a file, (within the limits of the places available in the City of Nabeul and Tunis). The training is done during the day, hybrid, Alternate, with part of the LIVE courses on Networks.

- Training and socio-professional integration of social cases (excluded, refugees and the most deprived) in partnership with associations. (15 to 25 students per year).

- The upgrade in languages (French, English, German, Arabic, etc.) and the courses giving the first cultural, administrative and social benchmarks.

Coaching and personalized support for each participant by professionals

- A collective project of the University relying on everyone: students, teaching staff, administrators and professionals, etc.

Catering and Entertainment Expenses

Accommodation conditions:

Our hostel welcomes students on the Nabeul site (limited space in Tunis).

Written requests for accommodation and the submission of a file, within the limits of available places is essential.

Catering and Entertainment Expenses

A Restaurant is available in the premises of the university at the technological pole in Tunis

Agreements with restaurants and sports halls, swimming pools and leisure facilities are signed by the University in Tunis and Nabeul.

SMART coworking space:

L’université dispose de son First Co-working smart place : Salle de Co-working sur ses 4 sites