Mediterranean University

Mediterranean University, Mediterranean Institute of Tunisia, MIT Nabeul


The Mediterranean University (former UMLT Nabeul or Ecole méditerranéenne supérieure privée des sciences informatiques, économiques et de gestion de Nabeul (01/2005)) is a Business School founded in 2004 co-operatively with the Euro-Mediterranean network for Education and Research; located in Paris, France; REMEREG. REMEREG is specialized in Financial economics; management, Finance, Information systems and Science. REMEREG allowed MIT Tunisia to be broadly known.

MIT Nabeul resides in a Network that comprises public and private European, north-American and Tunisian Universities.

The Mediterranean University has also its foundation that accounts for 3 universities in Tunisia: (MIT Tunis);(MIT polytech). It also has its own Incubator.MIT delivers Tunisian state approved diplomas for levels starting from undergraduates up to postgraduates. Students have the option to continue abroad with our partners for a European Diploma (France), Indian (IIF), Canadian diplomas. Its diploma, which is immediately operational, complies with the demands of companies, banks, institutions and administrations all over the world.

We offer a wide range of specializations and professionalism with a certification for each course and internship. In addition to that, we offer internationalization through the placement of our students in Tunisia and abroad. We also contribute to the democratization of education in Africa, making it accessible to everyone.


1. A good quality of education :We are an in progress for ISO 21001 certification for quality management/ We are also in the accreditation process “international accreditation” to guarantee the best program of education in management.

2-A guaranteed internship for all our students :We guarantee internship opportunities for all our students not only in Tunisia but also for some of them abroad. This is possible thanks to our partnership with companies, with online internship platforms such as “” and with the ICEG, etc.

3- A guaranteed employment for all our graduates :We guarantee and facilitate the employment for our graduates in France thanks to our employment agencies Tanit Méditerranéenne et

4- Personal development :The Mediterranean University; MIT offers for its students free preparations for certifications (TOEIC…), free workshops, possibility to join cultural associations, sports activities, organized trips; clubs, certifications …

5- Social Responsibility:The Mediterranean University offers special discounts and various payment methods.Diplomas accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dean Message:

Becoming the African leader, Number 1, in education and in professionalization with its wide specializations and certifications for each career,

MIT uses the pedagogical engineering and up-to-date equipment as well as clubs allowing students to have an excellent training.

MIT provides internships for its students with its partners with possible employment opportunities in Tunisia and abroad. MIT guarantees your academic and professional future.

Among our priorities is the employability of students using our diplomas and our certifications. This is the real meaning of “Learning by doing”. That is our Vision of an excellent university. The synergy within MIT is what makes our students polyvalent: 1 diploma plus one professional certification.

Each and every graduate of management and engineering is the original representative of his or her professional existence.

Message from the management:

MIT offers academic programs at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate, that correspond to the area of ​​a professional practice: Computer Science; .NTIC, finance, Management, Management, Digital Marketing, Transport, HRM, Transport, etc.

With more than 17 years of experience, MIT has become one of the most important educational institutions in the field of training, employment, internships, certifications, etc. in Tunisia. With its teaching staff of more than 50 instructors, including professors, experts, and visiting professors from the REMEREG Network, MIT offers a diverse academic program and different degrees to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our professors are very active in the field of research, which enhances their teaching capacity as well as their professionalism.

Our lecturers have a great experience in the job market, which make them deliver an excellent quality of education not only theoretically but also professionally.

. Graduating from our university with an excellent training in their fields, our students always manage to get a job easily.

Alongside with the school life and as far as the students’ associative life is concerned, our university enhances the integration of students in both the social and the professional life through a dynamic work of clubs and organizations.

MIT offers an auspicious environment to excel studying human resources management, digital marketing, data science, management and other areas of expertise related to the business world.

We offer well-structured programs that are well known on the job market, and excellent quality of education delivered in a very pedagogical way and by qualified professors, and a dynamic and motivating studying environment. To learn more about our university,

feel free to visit the other sections of our website. Enjoy the surf! MIT NabeulJournal Electronique Mars 2023.

Seniority And Quality

The Mediterranean University MU was founded in 2004 co-operatively with a euro-Mediterranean network for education and research specialized in economy and management,which allowed it to be broadly known. It resides in a network that comprises public and private European, north-American and Tunisian universities. It delivers a Tunisian diploma for its graduate students and can also deliver an equivalent European one for those who want to have it so that they would fully enjoy the privileges of a European diploma (from a public European university) and the dynamism of European universities.

Our Objective

Student of today within an accredited program + diploma = Executive, manager, entrepreneur, researcher, doctor of tomorrow


Notre vision est de devenir le leader de l'enseignement en Tunisie.

  • offrir un diplôme, accompagné d'une certification professionnelle, pour chaque parcours.
  • MIT Nabeul certifiée ISO 21001, vise une accréditation internationale Européenne et Américaine type AACSB.
  • MIT Nabeul vise pour chaque étudiant un emploi ou une start-up dans MIT Incubator.


La mission est de former nos étudiants aux métiers de l’avenir, en leur inculquant les connaissances et compétences nécessaires à la réussite de leur projet professionnel.


  • Instaurer la culture de l’excellence à tous les niveaux.
  • Accroitre la satisfaction de nos apprenants, de nos enseignants et de l’ensemble de nos collaborateurs.
  • Renforcer notre réseau de partenariats nationaux et internationaux.
  • Consolider le positionnement de l’université dans l’écosystème éducatif.

Nos Caractéristiques

Scientific Equipment; And Technological For NICTs

Private Mediterranean Higher School of Computer Sciences, Economics and Management of Nabeul (01/2005) gives its students a solid training thanks to the well-equipped computer rooms allowing to simulate theoretical work. The work and projects carried out by the students are representative, on a small scale, of what is done in the industry; which allows them to extend their practical knowledge. Training, with a good dose of practical work and internships in companies, will have the merit of broadening the employment horizons of graduates. Our equipment is mainly oriented towards new technologies, ICT and smart.

Modern And Smart Infrastructure

The management provides staff, speakers and students with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of the tailor-made training. MIT has a library, a relaxation room but also various classrooms equipped with educational tools (video projectors, televisions, boards, computers, etc.) and a list of specialized laboratories equipped with the most recent technology to ensure training in the best conditions.

Communicating In The Foreground With The Student

he External Relations and Communication process describes the terms and conditions for the exchange of information between MIT and its students. The school-to-business relationship helps determine what information to provide to businesses that employ our students and identify their training and skills needs. During the internship, the process defines the tasks and obligations of the school to ensure the proper functioning of the internship..

Friendly Working Environment

Management ensures that each person (administrative, stakeholders) has a working environment adapted to their needs, pleasant and conducive to their development..


The Mediterranean University has numerous national and international academic and professional partnership agreements covering a wide spectrum of areas of collaboration .

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