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About the IFC12 International Conference and the CITI Unit

The Mediterranean University with the REMEREG Network co-organized 12 international IFC conferences. It has also just created the CITI research unit in collaboration with MIT Polytech; in May 2020 within the Private Mediterranean Faculty of Tunis. The research themes of the CITI Unit are centered around smart technologies and all that is smart applications. We try to approach these themes by mixing a theoretical approach and a practical approach based on computer tools. We try within the framework of the works of CITI to take into account the medical and industrial concerns in the choice of the strategic objectives.

Research activities

Widely open to its socio-economic environment, MIT Tunis has never ceased to work to encourage sustainable development and be in harmony with the challenges of globalization. The rapprochement between the university and the national and international economic sector is now an objective reality, a challenge, a strategy of MIT Tunis for the implementation of promising projects..

MIT Tunis' desire to open up to the world has today resulted in CHALLENGE days, OPEN HOUSE DAYS, CAREER DAYS and SUCCESS STORY DAYS.

MIT Tunis aims to build bridges for exchanging experiences and skills but also improving teaching methods, boosting scientific research and building a solid and lasting cooperation network.

Challenge COVID 19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic facing the whole world, the Mediterranean University (UM), faithful to its values ​​of solidarity and sharing, has implemented a vast action plan for its institutions. members and its partners.

Among the scheduled actions, UM is offering a call for outstanding national projects with an accelerated and simplified submission, evaluation and selection process intended to support the many pandemic-related initiatives that are hatching in a highly responsive university space, ingenious and responsible, which relies on collaborative networks of particularly creative and innovative students, teachers and researchers.

The call for international projects is aimed at teachers, researchers, technological players, and innovative companies, who wish to develop applications or prototypes that can limit the impact of Covid-19.

The results obtained after the deliberations of the Juries on the 32 projects proposed. It emerges 11 winning projects; who continue to benefit from the support and funding of UM until implementation and transition from an application or a prototype to reality.

This challenge presents in a simple and didactic way, the research methodology, the driving values, the success factors, which reflect the excellent quality of the projects and the vision of excellence of the UM.

Booklet of challanges Volume I: View & downloadr

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Open days

The Mediterranean University (UM), organized its annual event: The Virtual Open Days (JPO) which took place on May 6, 7 and 8, 2020. This event is part of the affirmation of the positioning of the Mediterranean university in the digital ecosystem in Tunisia and consolidates the bridges between training, scientific research, business and society.

The JPOs are a strong moment to get to know our school and a good opportunity to see beyond the websites and social networks, the institutional brochures which present the radiant reality of the Mediterranean polytechnic school.

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Journée porte ouverte

Business & Innovation Days

The Trades and Innovation Days took place on May 13, 14 and 15, 2020. This event aims to provide information on trades, based on testimonials from professionals.

Advisors and professionals were available to answer all questions

Livre des journées des métiers et de l'innovation 2020
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Journée innovations

5 .Challenge II

The Innovation Challenge in “Smart Applications and Process Automation” emphasizes the transversality of the creative sector and its ability to promote innovation, especially in these times of crisis. It associates professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, start-ups, developers, companies…. in order to determine the mechanisms, tools and solutions to support and promote all sectors and their actors, best support creative entrepreneurship, shape innovation and promote collaborations through networking in its moments of crisis. This call for papers: “Smart Applications and Process Automation” from the Mediterranean University will invite innovators to propose new and practical ideas and solutions with potential for expansion and scaling up. We want to promote the greatest mobilization of skills innovators in the world to rethink skills development and lifelong learning to help build the future of work we want!

Submission of applications from June 8 to September 05, 2020

The three best projects selected by the jury will be awarded a prize which will be used for their development.

Challanges 2

6.Journée De L'Insertion Professionnelle Et Entreprenariat Le 12/03/2022

Cette journée d’échange aura un impact important et permettra de faciliter l’insertion professionnelle des futurs diplômés de MIT.

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